Early Summer Treasures

The first, and most obvious, early summer treasure is the sunshine. Everyone who feels the warm sun on their skin after a long, or even a short, winter feels an immediate rush of happiness. Happiness in knowing we have come all this way again. Happiness in knowing our bodies are sucking up the much-needed Vitamin D. Happiness in feeling the shift of seasons from harshness to ease. The next treasure is visual. We notice the first prairie crocuses with their furry sage coloured leaves, and purple flowers pushing through the melting snow. How absurd it seems that something so delicately packaged has so much strength and motivation. Inspiring for all Canadians and Canadian visitors who can mule over this seasonal miracle. Next it is our sense of smell that gets aroused, when lilacs and apple trees start blooming. The perfumed air makes us dizzy with giddiness when these delectable scent-sations arrive on the breeze. Greeting indiscriminately as we walk or bike by. And finally our taste buds marvel as the early summer greens appear; so vibrant and minerally charged. We crave these green jewels and pick them as the very first leaves appear: spinach, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, fiddle heads, to name a few. Vegetables that even us Canadians can grow with ease. Pea shoots come too, if we can beat the birds and slugs to the fresh emerald tendrils. Flowers fall from trees and bushes ushering in the next of the delicacies; the mid summer ones; berries and fruits. Still green in early summer, but coming with every promise of spoiling the anticipating audience. From green, to white to red, blue or purple; the monarchs of the summer world. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this local abundance, teasing our every sense, not to be missed, before the snow flies once again.


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