Paying Attention

BeeI was working in my 82 year old client’s rock garden the other day. It was mid morning, 10 something a.m. and I was sweating already; the day was going to be a scorcher.

It was one of those early summer, longest days of the year mornings in which I woke up from the sun beating in through my east facing window at 5:46 am. I couldn’t possibly sleep another wink with the day being already so clearly in motion.

I began my morning with wandering my backyard garden, and harvesting greens; kale, chard and spinach, which would be added to my breakfast omelette. I was barefoot on the dewy grass, selecting each morsel of food deliberately. A perfect start. The day was ripe for enjoyment.

Fastforward a few hours and there I was I weeding and edging my favourite Calgary garden. Smiling to myself as I started paying attention to the totally goofy creatures that were also feeling  inspired by the infectiously joyful feeling in the air. There was a grey squirrel chattering away with enthusiasm to her buddy in the next spruce tree over. She was chewing her pine cone thoroughly, leaving each husk and core at the base of her home tree in a rough pile for me to clean up later.

There was, what looked like, a partridge family. Little seemingly flightless birds standing as still as possible so as not to be noticed. Stillness being their only defence as bottom of the food chain prey.

My attention was then commanded by even smaller creatures; the humble bumblers. These incredibly noisy yellow and black bees were being altogether silly in their mission to collect pollen. One, wobbly in flight, zoomed in to land on a bright orange poppy, playfully crashing into its buddy. Both bees then tumbled over exposing their pollen-laden hind legs to the sunshine. They rolled around in the cup of this bright poppy for a few charming seconds trying to regain their balance, then they lolly gagged around the flower’s stamen scattering pollen as they went before drunkenly lifting off in search of the next playroom/blossom.

I enjoyed this moment in time as I felt welcomed into a whole new and beautiful world by these bees if only for a moment, it was precious. I got to smile at the playful nature of other creatures revelling in a beautiful summer’s day. I felt I wasn’t the only one grinning my way through the day. I  admired them in their perfect expressions of self. Bees doing bee stuff, which made my thoughts drift as I began to wonder why humans struggle so much with being true to their natures.


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