Lasagne Gardening

Don’t want to break your back digging out sod this spring for your new veggie patch? Leave the sod, save your back, seed your vegetables, and be done all of this in just 30 minutes! Sound like a miracle? The best part is that you won’t even loose any of that valuable topsoil in the process. Here’s how:

Chose a site (vegetables love the sun!) and decide on the size of your new garden bed. Make an outline using your hose or a can of spray paint to mark out were your will edge.
Using an edging tool, cut along the line you have chosen, then cut about 6 inches in from that line as well, all the way around. The goal is to cut out a strip of sod that will clearly define the border to stop the grass from growing into your bed. Throw all of the sod you cut into the middle of your new bed.
Cover the inside space of your new bed with wet newspaper (at least 10 pages thick) or brown (not too inky) cardboard collected from the recycling centre.
Add a few inches of “browns”, for example, dead leaves, or raked grass on top of the cardboard, sprinkle with worm castings to help with the decomposition of the cardboard and mulch, then top with 2 inches of compost or top soil.
Seed your above-ground crops. Examples of above ground crops are; lettuce, peas, beans, chard, squash and so on. Next year this bed will be ready for root crops; potatoes, onions, beets and carrots, once the cardboard and sod has broken down into lovely soil.

Easy peasy and done in half an hour! This suits both the lazy gardener, as well as the environmentally conscious one. Digging out sod means all that valuable top soil and biology (worms and microbes) will be hauled to the dump, or if put in your composter will clog it up unnecessarily.

Just get growing!


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