Starved for Nature

In the 1950’s children were able to identify on average 25 native plant species. Today, kids can identify 0 plant species, but up to 50 different corporate logos.

I happen to believe that this is not only true about our children, but of adults as well. Calgarians are starved for nature. We spend more time indoors in front of screens than ever and it is time to return to our roots, both figuratively and literally speaking.cimg0804-copy

Learn to grow your own food and start today; “You can grow a sprout in a day, a micro green in a week, or a radish in a month” says Donna Balzer of Grow Food Calgary “and we are excited to give you the tools and knowledge to do this”.

We are not only starved for nature in this digital era, but also for healthy foods. Our bodies are depleted after years of eating not only processed foods, but also fresh foods that are minerally deficient.

That hollow-stemmed Broccoli that you find at grocery store is hollow because it is deficient in boron. With farmer’s fields being striped of all minerals from years of intensive farming practices, our food is lacking more and more.

In the 1950’s we got the same amount of nutrition from one peach as we do from 9 peaches today. We need to eat more food in order to gain the same amount of minerals; it’s no wonder obesity is becoming an epidemic.

We are fortunate to have amazing soil in Calgary backyards. As glaciers receded, we were left with rich mineral deposits, meaning our soil is incredibly fertile. When we grow food using this amazing soil, our food absorbs these minerals and passes them back to us.

Grow Food Calgary is a six session program that teaches new gardeners the skills and techniques needed to ensure Calgarians have success with their edible gardens this year. Grow Food Calgary will have top local experts, including Donna Balzer, Mike Dorian and Ken Fry (the bug guy) as guest speakers. They will teach the how to’s of edible gardening, and do live demonstrations for participants to soak in, growing their garden knowledge, and also growing a community of engaged, health conscious Calgarians.

Come alive and get your hands dirty with Donna Balzer, Shelley Goldbeck and Chelsie Anderson this year, starting in March! Tickets are now available on growfoodcalgary.com


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